Katja: We have often wondered, if Tokio Hotel still exist. Beside a short appearance in L.A., the guys seemed to be lost in the last month. But now Tokio Hotel is loudly back. The name says it all, just in Tokyo at a benefit concert Bill, Tom and the others appeared again. So modified, that they could even upstaged Lady Gaga. Nicole Scherbart knows more…
The hair strict gelled, the lack-coat smoothly whip on and then these murder-shoes. On apparently twenty centimeters platform shoes, Bill literally swans over the Red Carpet and moves with Lady Gaga at the same eye-…ähm, shoe-level.
Bill: “I’m excited, they are all screaming and the crowd is amazing. We’re definitely totally excited tonight.”
‘Grit your teeth and get to it!’, thinks Lady Gaga make-up-technically. Because Tokio Hotel are really mega-stars in Japan. The fans are really into them. They went totally crazy, like here during their last visit. Meanwhile they feel almost at home in the Far East.
Bill: “It’s so awesome here. I don’t want to leave ever again. The guys are so stylish here. Stylish jackets and shoes… It’s unreal here…before I thought L.A. was the place to shop.”
LA is the adoptive home of the Magdeburger. There they work on their new record. But as often as the schedule allows it, they stay in Japan. And because it’s terribly exciting for Bill and Tom, their nerves are raw sometimes during the autograph-signing…
Tom: “Stop talking rubbish or I’ll come over… I didn’t sign any of these!”
Bill: “Tom! You put them here for me. Are you stupid?”
Tom: “You’re just insane…”
Bill: “You put them here for me.”
Tom: “I didn’t – they weren’t for you.”
Two brothers fighting, that also belongs to the daily routine of Tokio Hotel. At the benefit concert for the victims of the earthquake at the weekend, everything seems to be in balance again. *Darkside of the Sun is playing* And how could it be any different: Bill again in the “I love to attract attention-outfit”. From where does the guy just take his styling-ideas? Anyway, at least cloth-technically he made it to the new Mr. Gaga in Japan.

Translation by THInfo

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