Video:HUMANOID CITY LIVE - Just a message [Fans]

I used a part of "zoom into me" from the DVD and this could be ironic since I'm supporting the idea of not uploading it anywhere BUT!
►I made it darker so it won't be like the original one. (funny but it counts)
►I've put a watermark on it, so nobody will steal it and it won't be considered "original"
►I "reverbed" the sound so it
1) won't be the original sound and
2) I -hopefully- won't have copyright issues with Youtube.

I know it's purposeless since nobody from the Youtube team will ever read this before remove the video, but I just wanted to show how beautiful the dvd is with all this hard work and it's worthed to be bought. - NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.


Lately, I hear many people saying they'll download the DVD and I'm completely against it! You can download it to watch it if you don't have money to buy it, but when you find the money you should go buy it to support Tokio Hotel. Even if I believe everyone can earn TWENTY EUROS THE MOST to buy a DVD! it's not any astronomical number!They worked so hard in this "humanoid city" thing, they've wasted so much energy, money and not only, just to satisfy us and give us the best of them. Downloading is illegal because the money don't go to the ones they should go to.

I'm also sick of those snippets and previews, leaked songs and i don't know what else. I don't know why we should be watching things before they will be officialy released! If we see the DVD or listen to the songs before buy them, then it's no surprise. I miss going to the music store with such an excitement just to see what they're dvds and cds are all about. This feeling hasn't been lost completely of course but still, it has been decreased. You know what I mean. I understand that we're all impatient but I think we can ALL be patient for a few more days! Don't spoil the surprise and ruin everything. This is not good for the band, don't you understand it? But of course, you don't give a damn about this stuff (: It takes a lot of brains and thought.

Be against it! Say "no" and please go buy the DVD from a music store if you want to support the band (: Tokio Hotel exist because we buy & not illegally download. Keep that in mind.

If anyone wants to participate in this and spread the word, have my license to download this video and upload it to their channel! Let's support Tokio Hotel who endeavored so much to give us all these beautiful moments (:


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