Why Gustav and Georg won't be on MTV TRL (Catania)

Gustav and Georg can't attend to MTV TRL. In fact, all the band had prior commitments, but with the enthusiasm of the fans, at least we managed to "extract" of these commitments Bill and Tom Kaulitz to represent the band. But obviously, they won't make any musical performance because there will miss two members of the band.

Gustav y Georg no pueden asistir al evento. De hecho, toda la banda tenía compromisos previos, pero contando con el entusiasmo de los fans, por lo menos hemos conseguido "extraer" de estos compromisos a Bill y Tom Kaulitz para representar a la banda. Pero obviamente, no harán ninguna actuación musical ya que faltan componentes importantes del grupo!

Source: TokioHotel.it
Translation by Tokio Hotel Europe

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