Gossip:MTV's World Cup Of Rock: Tokio Hotel, Dir En Grey And The Rest Of The Headlines

There is no action in the 2010 FIFA World Cup on Wednesday or Thursday, but the MTV World Cup of Rock continues through the end of today. All of the match-ups from the group round are still open for voting, and you'll have until 11:59 PM ET to get the last of your votes in. On Thursday morning (July 1), the seedings for the eight team tournament will be revealed and the first batch of knockout round matches will be presented.

There are still plenty of games that have implications coming out of the first round, which is why you should get your votes in to get behind your favorite country's batch of bands. Here are the headlines from each group.

Group A
Mexico represents the breakout squad in Group A, as they have rolled over their competition in all three of their head-to-head games against France, Nigeria and Uruguay. The second qualifier coming out of Group A will either be France or Uruguay, each of whom have a win against Nigeria and a loss against Mexico. They're head-to-head match-up is separated by a little over 100 votes, so there is still time to swing the game in either direction.

Group B
Though they won their group in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the tournament was generally unkind to the American team. Shockingly, the MTV World Cup of Rock has also been rough on the United States, as
their game against England will decide which of those teams will advance in the tournament (alongside dominant group leader South Korea, who launched a Rain-powered blitz on the competition). The U.S. and England are separated by less than 100 votes, so there is still time to throw your support behind whoever you think should advance.

Group C
Brazil has been making quick work of the competition in the World Cup, but they can't buy a win in the MTV World Cup of Rock. The Brazilians are on their way to a winless run through the group round, having been crushed by the one-two punch of Germany (whose
Tokio Hotel-powered run as them headed for an overall top seed in the knockout round) and Japan (mainly with the assistance of the passionate fans of metal band Dir En Grey). In fact, their hotly-contested match-up has been the most voted-on of the first round, and despite the efforts by both sides are still separated by only a handful of votes. Still, despite Japan's popularity, Spain is making a late run to try to get into the next round. Will Japan fight them off or will Spain cut off a killer run early?

Group D
Perhaps the most even group in the entire tournament, Group D saw a winning (but not necessarily dominant) run by Australia and very competitive efforts from Argentina, Italy and Denmark. The second qualifier from Group D will come down to the winner of
the game between Denmark and Italy, which is still way too close to call. Feel passionately about the indie-centric squad on the Denmark side or the metal-leaning Italian contingent? Get voting, and we'll see you in the knockout round!

Be sure to vote in all the games in the MTV World Cup of Rock

! Which nation's stars rock the hardest and best? Only you can decide!


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