NEW:Support Tokio Hotel - Huge Fan-Banner FanAction

Tokio Hotel's Upcoming realease of their brand new Live DVD & Live Album is just around the corner and we need all your fan-power.
Help Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg spread the word by grabbing the banners to your right and posting them all over the web - anywhere from your MySpace page, to forums, your personal homepage or fanpage.

Of course, we also have some fantastic prizes waiting for you !
The grand prize is one of the snake-boards Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg used in their backstage area during their huge Welcome to Humanoid City Tour. Exclusively for the winner of this cool prize, the guys will record a special, personalized video showing their snake-board skills and will also sign it in front of the camera. Prize 2 & 3 will be a wicked "Tokio Hotel - Burning City" Sweater.
So what are you waiting for ?
Grab the banners, spread them all over the web and take a screenshot of your two favourite spots. Submit both screenshots here on this page and all you need is some luck!

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